Assessment and Development

Bespoke assessment exercises with real life simulations...

We have substantial experience of designing and running assessment and development centres for a range of different needs.

Assessment and Development Centres...

Our centres provide a range of different needs for example:

  • assessing management potential for business integration
  • recruiting senior finance managers
  • selecting internal mentors

Our BPS qualified consultants run the centres and train clients in assessment and development centre skills. We design bespoke assessment exercises with real life simulations to assess current and potential ability as accurately as possible .


Clients can expect the following:

Scoping the centre
Bespoke exercise and centre design
Psychometric assessment, reporting and feedback
Centre logistics management pack
Assessor training and materials
Centre analysis, reporting and recommendation
Candidate feedback
Candidate coaching and development
"A challenging and comprehensive process which secured the best candidate."

Here are just some of our clients:

We make it our business to understand our clients thoroughly, to increase our knowledge constantly and to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

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