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We measure impact at different levels!
Our business is built solely on reputation with a wide range of clients from global and national private and public sector organisations.

Skills and Overview

We establish a range of measures with our clients to focus on achievement and evaluate the impact of our work – we’re proud of our track record.

During scoping we establish measures to improve organisational performance which are aligned to the client's vision and strategy. Our process for establishing measures also generates credibility, visibility and commitment to the project up front - a very important success factor for maximising return on investment. Read more

In the public sector, measures of success include improvements in performance rating by external bodies such as the Audit Commission. Acquiring and maintaining Investors in People awards provide objective external measures in both sectors. Read more

Improvements in cross organisational or functional working is central to our work. Organisational change requires effective cross functional working on both business-as-usual tasks and projects. We focus on reducing silo working and increasing identity with the organisation as a whole. Read more

We measure the impact of our work on individual performance by using competency frameworks to define excellence, design training programmes and measure impact. Individual performance can be assessed, goals set and progress tracked using the framework in an electronic 360 degree format. We focus on increasing confidence and competence so that individuals believe they can make a difference. Read more


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