Organisational Change

The 3D Approach to Leading Organisational Change

KBA have developed strategic tools for leading organisational change based on Kotter’s work and from our experience of successful change. We have worked on large change and improvement projects in the public and private sectors and have enjoyed being part of our clients’ success.

The single most important message in this book is very simple. People change what they do less because they are given analysis that shifts their thinking than because they are shown the truth that influences their feelings.
John P. Kotter, The Heart of Change, 2002

KBA’s 3D Approach® is a proven framework for successfully planning and leading organisational change.

During workshops senior teams create the overall change strategy and assess the state of change in their organisation.

Strategy is translated into concrete programmes and projects enabling full visibility of the change process.

We offer a comprehensive range of guidance material and tools for diagnostics, planning and assessment of change at each step.    

The results of our staff survey shows a significant difference over 2002 to 2006 since we started our culture change programme. Our top talent have stepped up to the mark and performance issues have reduced.
Chief Executive

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