360 Degree Electronic Appraisal

Analysis and storage into one single location...

We are able to incorporate our bespoke competency framework into an electronic 360 degree appraisal booklet that allows individuals to receive feedback and ratings on their performance against the elements of the competency framework.

Appraisal Management Tools...

  1. Electronic 360 tool.
  2. Training Appraisers.
  3. Training Appraisees.
  4. Appraisal Guidanc
  5. Documentation.
  6. Appraisal Management Process and Documentation.

Providing Feedback and Analysis

As shown below, our electronic booklet collates the feedback from various reviewers for analysis and storage into one single location.

Our electronic booklet provides analysis of the feedback and ensures that the feedback is sufficiently robust and consistent before it is used for assessment of performance. The collated feedback can also be compared year on year. This gives individuals greater confidence in the feedback process and so they are more likely to change behaviour as a result.

The model below illustrates a typical analysis page of our booklet.


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