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Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy

Our aim is to provide the highest quality of services in individual and organisational improvement. We are committed to treating everyone in the same way regardless of race or colour, nationality or national or ethnic origin, religion or religious belief, sex or marital status, sexual orientation, disability or age. We promote equal opportunities and diversity in the entire conduct of our business.

Distribution of Policy

This policy document is available on our website and our internal ILM Centre Manual.

Entrance Requirements

KBA will ensure equal access to our programmes by clearly stating any specific entrance requirements relevant to a particular programme and liaising closely with our clients to ensure we understand any particular needs of individuals. We manage these sensitively by making alternative arrangements.

Enrolment, Registration and Induction

Everyone registering for our ILM programmes will be asked to provide information relevant to equal opportunities monitoring. Any special requirements are gathered before the programme starts with arrangements made to meet these requirements. KBA always works closely with our clients to ensure individual support is provided for example, start and finish times of programmes will vary to enable parents to manage their childcare arrangements and hand written assessments will be accepted if the individual is not IT literate. KBA encourage individuals to increase IT literacy skills.


KBA design and deliver high quality management and leadership programmes based on continuous research from the world’s leading business schools and our own practical experience. All programmes are approved by our Senior Partners and our clients who review the content prior to delivery. All programmes are evaluated after delivery.


Assessment of our ILM programmes is designed to ensure individuals develop their knowledge, skills and behaviour. Assessments are not influenced by gender, race, age etc. We are committed to ensuring fair access to assessment and therefore will make alternative arrangements to accommodate all reasonable requests by individuals as agreed with the ILM.


Typically venues are booked and managed by our clients who remain fully responsible for the health and safety of their people and so ensure that venues comply with the Health & Safety regulations and necessary access requirements.

If KBA book a venue, on behalf of the client, we will ensure that the client is content with the health and safety and access aspects of the venue. 

Our programme leaders and tutors will check that basic requirements are satisfactory e.g. fire exit are well marked and not blocked; participants know where assembly points are located.

The Outdoor Classroom

KBA has a record of success using our Outdoor Classroom technique with diverse groups including diabetics, elderly, cerebral palsy sufferers and pregnant women. All participants are briefed in advance about the experience and practical requirements with any special needs gathered.  The locations for the outdoor classrooms are chosen to suit the fitness and mobility levels of the participants e.g. ensure that wheel chairs can be used and vehicles with wheel chair facilitates can get to the locations.

Complaints Procedure

If at any stage a candidate feels they have been treated unfairly on any equal opportunity issue they should raise the matter immediately with either their programme leader or their senior HR representative. The client’s policy will normally apply where a complaint relates to candidates. Where a complaint is raised against a KBA member, KBAs policy will apply.

Sexual and Racial Harassment and Bullying

Sexual harassment includes any action or behaviour (by members of the other sex or of the same sex) that has an explicit or implicit sexual motivation and which causes embarrassment, offence or intimidation to the individual to whom it is directed, or which creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working and social environment. Incitement to commit such action is equally culpable.

Racial harassment includes any action or behaviour by one individual towards another based on difference in colour, culture, ethnic or national origin which causes offence, intimidation or distress to the individual to whom it is directed or which creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive working and social environment. Incitement to commit such action is equally culpable.

Sexual and racial harassment and bullying will not be tolerated by KBA and can lead to disciplinary action or expulsion from a programme. Anyone who considers that they have such a grievance, which they have been unable to resolve personally, can discuss their concern confidentially with either the programme leader; tutor or the client senior HR representative.

If a complaint is made, confidentiality will be maintained and action may be taken informally if appropriate. Should official action be required, KBA’s programme leader will liaise directly with the client senior HR representative. In all instances an Equal Opportunity Complaints form will be raised recording the nature of the complaint and action taken by KBA.

Staff Induction and Development

All KBA staff will receive a copy of KBAs policies and procedures and will be appropriately instructed on Equal Opportunities.


KBA will routinely update this Equal Opportunities policy. Analysis of assessment results will be carried out to monitor equal access for all our candidates.