KBA Tools

Tools to help you along the way...

We have developed the following tools that we use for our work and for discussion during our development sessions. The tools can be downloaded by selecting the links. Once downloaded they will function fully. Instructions are provided within the tools on how they may be amended to suit specific needs.

Development Impact Assessment

This tools provides a means of assessing the impact of training by evaluating how much a delegate’s behaviour has changed at a review point after a training session. It provides a means of self evaluation and two 360 deg. evaluations. These are then compared on the summary sheet that evaluates the degree of change and identifies areas of strength and developmenet areas.

Costs vs Budget Tracking

This tools enables the comparison of actual costs with budgeted costs for a number of cost centres for a project. It calculates actual and percentage variances on a monthly basis as well as totals To-date and Projections values to completion of the project. More complex projections based on variance To-date are available.

Tracking Gantt

This excel tools provides a simple gantt extending over a 3 week period that can be used to allocate resources against tasks. Additionally it can be used for comparing Actual progress with Planned as well as Forecasted dates. A standard 3 month gantt template is also included.

Session Planning Tool

This excel tool helps to calculate the timings for a 3 day activity such as a conference or a training module. Duration for the individual sessions are entered in minutes and the tool calculates the times that the sessions will start and finish.

Stakeholder Analysis Table

This tool allows you to tabulate your key stakeholders and promotes the questions you should be asking to establish how they should be engaged. It works well with KBA’s stakeholder matrix. Information is also provided on the various approaches for engaging stakeholders.