High Performing Teams

We started developing our technique 10 years ago...

We teach a powerful way to build high performing teams. We then teach leaders how to build high performing self managing teams.

The Programme...

… is based on our extensive experience as well as research done by the worlds leading authorities on teams.

Important elements of the programme include:

  • team members understand and identify with the differences between high performing teams and effective working groups.
  • individual members develop greater self awareness and understanding of others.
  • the team takes responsibility for achieving a meaningful challenge.
  • the team monitors progress of both the task and team performance.
  • the team is successful.

Skills and experience...

Team progress is reviewed and recorded on the Team Progress Chart at key stages throughout the experience to give visible feedback and enable team self management.

We analyse results of Team Progress Charts and MBTI Preferences to offer further coaching and reporting.

  1. Increase self and group awareness.
  2. Assess and track group performance.
  3. Recognise and experience the conditions for team growth.
  4. Build confidence and creativity.
  5. Celebrate achievement of their common goal.
  6. Generate new ideas for improvements at work.


We would love to discuss your needs and ideas.