In my experience, KBA Solutions is unique among providers of change programmes. The effect in the University of Cambridge Research Office has been transformational.
Director of Research Office,
University of Cambridge

Offering consulting and development
– everything we do is about change

We offer an effective blend of consulting with skills development using robust strategic and tactical frameworks for leading and managing change to help our clients turn strategy into delivery.

Organisational Change

Culture Change

Engaging the whole organisation is achieved through mindset change and increases in competence and confidence which our bespoke culture change programmes successfully and rapidly deliver.

Delivering Change

People fully engaged with change projects create change. Our 3D Approach® brings structure to creating and translating a vision into a deliverable change strategy. 3D combines change psychology with the discipline of project management (PMI) to ensure change programmes deliver.

Change Leadership

Hearts and minds – we develop leaders of change at all levels to understand their people’s journey through the change process and how to lead them successfully through it.


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