The Outdoor Classroom

A powerful alternative to the indoor classroom...

In 2002 KBA developed it’s technique for maximising learning in natural environments called The Outdoor Classroom, an environmentally friendly way to learn.

The learning environment is a critical part of the learning process...

The Outdoor Classroom technique has been used extensively by our clients of all types and budgets from global FMCGs to small local authorities  – all with powerful results. The name itself was given by a client whilst discussing global integration with international directors in the middle of Dartmoor !

Training Directors work with us and learn the technique to take back to work.

The Outdoor Classroom is a powerful alternative to the indoor classroom. The difference is no powerpoint and lightbulbs! Just workbooks and walking boots. Truly green. It allows real headspace. 

The Outdoor Classroom Anywhere

UK: Dartmoor National Park; Exmoor National Park; Cotswold, Warwickshire, Peak District
Worldwide: Dubai, South Africa

The Big Benefits for Participants Outdoors...

  1. Feel relaxed and can be themselves
  2. Build strong relationships with cross functional colleagues
  3. Enjoy positive, inspirational and memorable experiences
  4. Quietly reflect and generate new ideas
  5. Try out new skills more freely in open space
  6. Rekindle the experience back at work
  7. Feel energised and refreshed for work
  8. Make a positive contribution to protecting our environment
  9. Working in a Project Team


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