Leadership Private Sector

Award-Winning Programmes

We design bespoke inspirational development programmes and we tailor our Award Winning ILM Strategic Leadership programme to meet our client’s strategic business needs. Using a tailored model of world-class leadership, our programmes are designed to build individual confidence, competence and a high performing learning team.

Specific strategic business challenges are addressed using a range of practical tools and techniques including executive coaching. This ensures the immediate transfer of learning to live business issues, leading to outstanding business results that have earned our flagship programme Award-Winning industry recognition. Achievements include programmes in Premier Foods and the University of Cambridge.

Breakthrough Leadership

We tailored our flagship ILM Recognised Strategic Leadership programme for Premier Foods to support a shift in the business from being trading-driven to marketing-led. The programme resulted in significant financial benefits, cost savings and innovations as well as improved collaboration and engagement, winning the prestigious Food Industry Award for best in class leadership development.

The Awards were presented by Justin King, Chief Executive of J Sainsbury, and he said: “Premier Foods Breakthrough leadership programme is using highly robust methods and content to prepare leaders for bigger roles, to build effective cross-functional teams, and to shift the company from being trading-driven to be marketing-led.” 



Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive, IGD, commented: “The IGD Food Industry Awards recognise the best-in-class and demonstrate some of the most exciting new thinking in our sector. I would like to extend my personal congratulations to Premier Foods for their outstanding learning and development programme.”

University of Cambridge CLEER Programme

As part of providing consultancy support for major operational and culture change programme in the Cambridge Research Office (CLEER), we designed a bespoke leadership programme.

We defined the desired new culture in behavioural terms and measured the status quo, then we designed the leadership programme to support the shift in culture. During the period annual research income increased by £17.6M and the outcomes reported by the Research Office included:

  • Increases in all measures of culture particularly Innovation, Strategic Thinking, Risk Taking and Trust 
  • Improved service to academics and sponsors to enable world-class research including increased efficiency and effectiveness in application processing 
  • Increased industry recognition for expertise & greater internal and external influence.


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