Organisational Impact

Measures and Feedback

"KBA capitalised on the strengths of our Field Sales Managers so that during difficult trading periods we maintained excellent results because we converted new learnings into everyday positive habits." Sales Director, Global FMCG

Examples of measures of success have included:

  • Reduce Director time spent on operational issues by 50%.
  • Improve morale rating on staff survey.
  • Increase talent pool of likely successors to Director posts.
  • Increase Culture survey results e.g. 34% Innovation; 28% Thinking Strategically
  • 20% increase in efficiency in speed of processing applications
  • 20% reduction in management cost
  • Realising Programme Benefits to support £15m savings
  • Improved Facilities Management Delivery saving £80k
  • Reduction of complaints by 50%  

Internal Feedback 

Performance improvements are tracked internally through a range of methods including:
  • Staff surveys.
  • Director feedback gathered live at development sessions.
  • Promotion statistics and HR reporting.

External Feedback 

  • Increased rating and feedback from Investors in People
  • Winning IGD Industry Award for Best in Class Leadership Programme

Here are just some of our clients:

We make it our business to understand our clients thoroughly, to increase our knowledge constantly and to deliver exceptional value to our clients.

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