Strategic Leadership
in Modern Local Government Programme

The 35th cohort of this highly successful ILM Endorsed programme at King's College London starts on the 19th October 2021 and bursaries of up to 20% are still available.  Please select the following to download - Programme Brochure and Programme Application Form. 



What the Programme Offers

This highly successful ILM Endorsed programme, introduced in 2007 in partnership with Chief Executives and the Local Government Association, develops practical strategic leadership skills immediately transferable to work.

Participants will be equipped to challenge future service provision and lead and deliver successful change using “hard skills” of commercial and strategic decision making and “soft skills” of influencing, persuading, inspiring high performance and building agile cross functional collaborative teams, as well as gaining practical tools and techniques for leading strategic and tactical change.

What are the Benefits?

Career Enhancing – gain knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve your next role with certification and membership of (ILM).

Network / Knowledge Share – share wide range of ideas and best practice with delegates from authorities of all shapes and sizes across the UK

Quality Assured - on par with leading MBA programmes, delivered by highly experienced KBA consultants

3-D® Change Leadership Methodology – access our online Change Leadership methodology and tools.

Personal Development Tools – online personal development planning and a 360 degree tool.

Practical - develop practical strategic leadership skills immediately transferable to work.

Innovation & Efficiency – use tools and approaches for innovating and generating efficiency gains.

Time Friendly - time commitment to the programme suits busy senior managers.

Mentoring – learn from Chief Executives from authorities across the UK

Headspace – quality time for yourself to think and maximise the investment in the programme

What are the Outcomes?

On completion participants will be ready to:

  • Apply strategic thinking skills and tools to improve the quality of decision making
  • Apply commercial thinking – using tools and skills to understand competitive forces and customer analysis
  • Lead strategic change by creating a vision and an appropriate change strategy using agile approaches
  • Lead implementation by translating strategy into change projects and programmes
  • Increase self knowledge and leadership influence to build trusting relationships
  • Build high performing agile internal and multi agency collaborative teams
  • Make a positive impact by communicating with influence
  • Be better equipped to make the case for ongoing investment in and recognition of your services.

Learning Techniques

Blended learning including teaching of world class principles and concepts; group exercises using tools to apply learning to work. Use of MBTI® to increase self awareness and our innovative Headspace® and Real Time Learning® techniques to discover breakthrough insights. Knowledge Share groups will be established and provided with a clear structure to maximise the sessions.

Programme Booking/Bursary Application below:
Programme Brochure below:

Why this Programme?

A proven programme that has demonstrated excellent payback. Over 470 local government senior managers have attended this programme in the last 10 years, delivered by the same experienced consultants with constantly updated content. Delivered in partnership with the LGA for 8 years.

20% to 10% bursaries available – apply early

Who should attend?

The programme is aimed at high performing senior managers who aspire to be Strategic Leaders. Typically assistant directors, heads of service and aspiring heads of service who want to develop their strategic leadership capacity. Most importantly delegates must be motivated and opened minded to develop and learn new skills and techniques.

Structure of Programme

The programme, endorsed by the ILM at level 7 equivalent, consists of the following modules in 9 days, plus 6 self managed knowledge share action learning sessions across 9 months.

  • Launch
  • Strategic & Commercial Thinking and Follow-Up
  • Leading Strategic Change
  • Strategy to Implementation
  • Powerful Personal Leadership
  • Leading High-Performance Teams
  • Making an Impact

What Delegates Say About the Programme

“It has supported my journey with tools and techniques, managing change, networking with colleagues and it has changed my thinking.” Assistant Director Place & Wellbeing

“The skills I developed from ...the course have been invaluable to my approach in the transformation of services at this difficult time.” Head of Community Services

“It’s so refreshing to have “course leaders” who are genuinely enthusiastic and interested in the content and our contributions. The way you do that and deliver the content with passion creates such a different dynamic and makes you feel like peers too.” Strategic Senior Manager

“All the tools covered were useful and I will be able to use them at work.” Head of Accounting

“I have done an MBA, but this is so much more practical and relevant.” Director of Social Care

“It was invaluable in preparing me for the interview process for Deputy Chief Exec.” Deputy Chief Executive

"It has enabled me to grow and develop as a leader, giving me the skills and knowledge to move away from managing to leading.” Assistant Director of Public Health

“Being on this course has already helped me re-evaluate my projects to make savings.” Head of Planning Services

Fees and Bursary

Bursaries are available to cover 20% to 10% of the fees for appropriate candidates – early bookings will be given priority. The delegate fee, that includes all materials, tools, certification and day delegate venue costs is £4,970 (ex.VAT) plus a £95 ILM fee. With a 20% bursary is £3,976 ex. VAT and plus a £95 ILM fee.

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