ILM Level 7 Award in
Leadership & Management

An Upgrade Programme for Alumni of the KBA Strategic Leadership in Modern Local Government Programme

Special Bespoke Upgrade Programme

BA have gained ILM accreditation for a bespoke version of this new ILM Level 7 post graduate qualification to which Alumni of the KBA Strategic Leadership in Modern Local Government ILM Endorsed Award may upgrade. This means Alumni can continue developing professional leadership within their Alumni community using approaches similar to the Knowledge Share session but without having to complete the standard six ILM knowledge workshops. Candidates are required to commit to self-managed learning group sessions, working on practical leadership development activities and evidencing this in brief submissions.

About the New ILM Level 7 Qualification

This is the new style of ILM Level 7 vocational qualification which is designed using an Enquiry Based learning approach. It allows the learner to identify and work on the areas of leadership and management development specific to their own work context and of particular interest and relevance.

The approach is highly participative requiring candidates’ to undertake a range of learning activities relating to strategic leadership within a self-managed learning community. The programme seeks to develop digital leadership by maximising the use of technology. Learning community sessions are self-managed and online (face to face if possible). There are three tutor led sessions, one at induction, one during the third Learning Community Activity Session and lastly a presentation and close for all candidates to come together at the end. Candidates will complete six individual activities and submit brief evidence in a variety of formats throughout the programme reflecting their leadership development journey.

Entry Requirements

  • Certified Alumni of KBA Strategic Leadership in Modern Local Government
  • Currently working in a senior leadership role within an organisation
  • Available to commit to attending the two tutor led sessions and all Learning Community Activities
  • Self-motivated to conduct research and self study
  • Open to developing digital leadership by exploring new techniques
  • Committed to deliver required submission at post graduate level by the designated date

Structure of 2024 Programme

  • Tutor led Induction Workshop with comprehensive briefing and submission preparation
  • Six structured self-managed Learning Community Activity sessions (online or face to face – decided by group). 
  • Tutor led group coaching at the third Learning Community session.
  • Six brief individual ILM submissions (submitted after each Learning Community Activity session).
  • Final presentation day.

Impact for your Organisation

  • Senior leaders and managers who have the ability to think and act strategically
  • Senior leaders and managers who make informed evidence based decisions
  • More confident and influential senior leaders
  • Motivated senior managers who can create and maintain a high performance culture
  • Senior team members who are self-aware and take responsibility for self-development
  • Senior leaders ready to take on more senior roles
  • Professional Senior leaders as role models, inspiring other leaders to develop

Results for you

  • Develop and enhance your personal brand
  • Achieve a post graduate level qualification within 6 months
  • Continuing professional development in leadership
  • Continue to build on achievements gained on the KBA Strategic Leadership programme
  • Leverage the power of your Knowledge Share sessions
  • Use Enquiry Based learning approach to develop your leadership capability
  • Embed your leadership development in your work immediately
  • Build effective networks and relationships
  • Develop your digital leadership

Professional Qualification

On completion of the programme you will recieve a certificate for the achievement of the Level 7 Award in Leadership and Management. Successful candidtates may then progress directly to the Level 7 Certificate.  

Programme Fees

Alumni Discounted fee: £2,325 (ex. VAT) plus ILM registration fee £150 (nil VAT) includes:

  • Induction Workshop with lunch and refreshments at King’s College, London
  • KBA led group coaching session at King’s College, London 
  • KBA led presentation day at King’s College London
  • Tailor made qualification with ILM approval specifically for Alumni
  • Assessment of the six Mandatory Submissions by your tutor
  • ILM Level 7 Slide Packs
  • KBA online tools and assessments
  • KBA recommended reading list
  • Tutor support (online check in)
  • ILM Qualification Certification

Programme Dates

The next programme starts 13th November 2024. Please refer to the programme brochure for in-depth submission dates and the dates of the mandatory Learning Community Session dates (flexible within group). 

How to Apply

Please email to request a place on the programme. Your place will be confirmed on receipt of a purchase order for the course and ILM fees.